5 Best Yoga Destinations

For many Yoginis, one of the best feelings that you could ever have is to practice yoga, do meditation and just simply relax. If you are looking for the perfect place to do your Yoga poses and take a break from all the city hassles, here’s the perfect list that you may want to take note of before you book a flight.

Kerala, India

India is known as the birthplace of Yoga. This country has a rich culture and history and high respects to spirituality.  India is also known for having great Yoga teachers as well as offer yoga and meditation lessons.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known for its relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. There are a lot of tourists and Yoga enthusiasts who pays a visit to enjoy surfing and also study yoga. Each year, Bali welcomes the best teachers from the worlds of music, dance, and yoga to share their knowledge in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Imagine doing your Yoga poses on a tropical beach and a decorated with beautiful jungle with solemn atmosphere, Nicoya can give this dream to you. This haven offers a perfect setting for a rejuvenating retreat far from the worries of daily life.

Sayulita, Mexico

If you are heading to Mexico, add Sayulita in your itinerary as it offers a great beach and awesome scenery great for your yoga practice. The place not only offers Yoga lessons but also surf classes, whale watching, massage, cooking lessons with the best teachers on the location.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is one of the best countries to practice discipline which is used in practicing yoga. This country is famous for its beautiful beaches and natural scenery which is great for yoga practitioners. Thailand is also known for is meditation and philosophy.

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