5 Reasons on Why You Should Try Bikram Yoga

Many Yoga Studios and Fitness Centers now offer yoga in warm or hot rooms; however, Bikram Yoga which is also called as the original hot yoga style is a different thing. Bikram Yoga is a traditional branch of yoga that combines postures and breathing. Each class features the same 26 set of poses that can be taken in a 105-degree room and is taught only by Bikram certified teachers. Doing the yoga poses can be really challenging, especially if you are doing it in a hot room. But what does it really take to be an expert in this kind of yoga style?

Here are 5 Reasons that I would like to share with you on why you should try Bikram Yoga.

  • Mental strength - Hot yoga cultivates steadiness of the mind, emotional stability, and peacefulness. Each session concludes with savasana, a guided relaxation, to restore energy and offer the opportunity to experience the profound peacefulness for which yoga is famous. The idea of mind/body split is a misconception. Emotional stability is bound with physical wellbeing.


  • The health of Heart - Like all muscles, the heart responds to demand. When you are dripping in sweat and your legs are burning and your chest is pounding, that's building your heart muscle. Unlike a steam room, core temperature doesn't increase.


  • Immunity boost - Detoxification is one of those words that doesn't actually have a medical or scientific meaning but resonates deeply with people. Immunity is a complex function of a healthy body. It is improved when there's less stress on your heart and digestive systems and yoga assists optimum function of both.


  • Muscle tone - Contrary to the belief that yoga is all about stretching, hot yoga involves a lot of strength work. As well as mobility work, hot yoga focuses on toning the core, triceps, and legs. It promotes a long, lean physique.


  • Clearer skin - Sweating is a powerfully cleansing for the body. The humid environment, provided by the hot room, causes pores to widen. This allows bacteria and waste products to be flushed out, helping to prevent blackheads and other acne symptoms, keeping skin clear and fresh.

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