Best Workouts of your Favorite Celebrities

ESPALIER Best Workouts
  1. SoulCycle - Lea Michele, the star of Glee is very open about her love for Soul Cycle – a pumped-up, beat-driven indoor cycling class. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to transform the way you look and feel as it provides fat-burning cardio and a full-body workout.


  1. Tabata – Carrie Underwood is known for her awesome country voice but little did we know that she is also a health buff. Carrie Underwood's got some pretty killer workouts in her arsenal, but one of her go-to exercise methods is Tabata, an interval workout that involves 20 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds of rest for four minutes.


  1. Kickboxing – Ashley Graham, an American model who you have seen in several magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle is now into Kickboxing. Kickboxing is an easy way to lose weight, burn calories and get stronger. Knockout boredom and blast fat all over with these muscle-sculpting kickboxing exercise moves.


  1. Dance Cardio – Jenna Dewan-Tatum, an actress, and dancer is known for her role as Nora in the film Step up is maintaining her healthy body by engaging in different dance cardio. Dance cardio uses playful dance-inspired workouts to increase your heart rate, burn calories, and work up a serious sweat. You'll get fit and build endurance in a lively and dynamic way that uses your whole body


  1. Barry’s Bootcamp – Ellie Goulding, a famous singer, and songwriter is a certified fitness buff in a lot of ways, but she's an especially big fan of Barry's Bootcamp. Barry's offers five different classes focusing on specific body parts. A single class can burn up to 1,000 calories.

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