Best Yoga Festivals in the World

We all want a time for ourselves, a time wherein we could relax and just enjoy the moment of your life. However, for yoginis like us, we know how to make our vacation more fun by adding a mixture of getaway and yoga which you can achieve if you join several yoga festivals.

Here are some of the Yoga Festivals that you should join.

  • Soul Circus - Yoga & Wellness Festival

This is located in Cotswolds, England. Music and Yoga! This festival will always give you the vibe of different music genre from different artists. You can also create a perfect day by doing a yoga class in the morning surrounded by nature.

  • Yoga Connects

This famous Yoga Festival is located in Leicestershire, England and known as UK’s largest Yoga Festival. Yoga Connects is all about giving back to Mother Earth so they make sure that they do not use any materials made of plastics. This is also great for vegans as they served delicious vegan food all throughout the event.

  • Bhakti Fest

Bhakti Fest and Bhakti Ventures endeavors to create heart-centered connections. Through festivals, yatras, adventures, retreats and local events Bhakti Fest offers the best in yoga, sacred music, dance, workshops, and classes; all intended to inspire devotion. Bhakti Fest creates an opportunity to sit alongside some of the world’s master teachers, and sacred music artists in the conscious community. We co-create a place where everyone can let go of ego, and meet love, self, and the divine. These sacred gatherings are offered to the divine, as a way to join together in conscious community.

  • The Groove Festival

The Groove creates a space to celebrate communities of families and friends, local communities, communities of yoga, communities of love networked across Canada, Germany and beyond. The Groove honors the relationship between these human communities and the local traditions that have sustained them, the relationship held between cultivating livable environments and nourishing a healthy soul.

  • Bali Spirit Festival

The Bali Spirit Festival is indeed a celebration—of the richness of culture, the sanctity of the environment, and harmony between people of all nations. Celebrate with us, and in doing so, help us to make the world a better place.

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