ESPALIER: What does it mean? And what does it have to do with Designer Athletic Apparel?

Some of you might be wondering why a brand of designer athletic apparel was named ‘ESPALIER’

ESPALIER is the ancient horticultural art of transforming plants into desired shapes and forms by using various stretching, pruning, and guiding techniques.

A devoted yoga practitioner, ESPALIER’s founder Karen was inspired by this philosophy that blends discipline, art, and most importantly, growth. Here are her thoughts on why, when it came time to name her line of luxury athletic apparel, ESPALIER was the perfect fit. 

"I started practicing yoga just last year, but I'm already amazed by how much my body and mindset has changed. This has always been the most interesting thing about any kind of athletic undertaking, how through time and patience, we transform not just our bodies but also our minds.”


So how did she connect 'ESPALIER' the word with ESPALIER the brand? 

"One of my close friend’s works in branding knew I was looking to name my line. She knew I had a great product and understood my design inspirations and philosophy," says Karen. "One Friday afternoon she was casually talking to her manager about their weekend plans, and the manager said, 'I'm putting an espalier up in my garden.' My friend loved how the word sounded and looked it up and immediately told me about it.

"My first reaction was what does it mean? I dove into the research and loved it more and more. The name, the horticultural philosophy behind it, the actual techniques, it just clicked with every aspect of the brand I was hoping to achieve."


The Beauty of ESPALIER

"I wanted something that evoked strength and softness, discipline and freedom. It might sound conflicted at first, but I think that’s how most women see themselves and all these different aspects of their lives and personalities.”


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