Tips on How to Become an Effective Yoga Teacher

In today’s generation, I have noticed that there are a lot of people who explore opportunities in teaching yoga, some even visit different yoga retreat houses and travel to another country to study and master different yoga styles. However, what does it really take to be an effective yoga teacher?

Here are some of the tips that you should take note of to if you want to be an effective yoga teacher:

  • Know your students – in every class that you will have, it is best to know who your students are. With this, you will know who needs more of your mentorship such as improving their poses.

  • Be open to learning more from other teachers - Even once you’ve finished your yoga teacher training, get lots of exposure to all different styles of yoga and many different teachers. Every single yoga experience has something valuable to offer someone studying the art of teaching, regardless of the particular lineage or person doing the teaching.

  • Find a Mentor – Even if you are good at what you are doing it is still good to have someone whom you can exchange expertise.

  • Always practice at home - Turn your attention to self-study in order to build confidence as a teacher. A home practice is a critical part of the process and should begin during teacher training. Practicing daily will be beneficial for you as a teacher as you will be a master of your own craft.

  • Be Authentic - Be yourself. Be the person that teaches yoga because it stokes your inner fire, makes your body come alive, and brightens the world around you. It’s incredibly important to practice authenticity as people gravitate towards our true nature. Students want the raw version of us: the mistakes, the quirky jokes, the hippy dippy clothing, and the weird music.



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