What you should NOT wear to your Yoga Class

Yoga is now becoming a part of the fashion industry and several fashion brands are now incorporating their styles in creating the perfect Yoga outfits. However, before purchasing that nice pink top, you should first take into consideration some factors. Aside from being fashionable, it is still important that you are comfortable and your clothes fit properly to your body.

Here are some of the outfits that you should not wear to your Yoga Class.

  • Loose Shorts and Super Short Shorts – Shorts are awesome to wear when you are running and training indoors but not perfect for a yoga class. It is important that you feel confident and completely covered when you are executing a yoga pose. There are times that you will be bending forward and sticking your leg in the air and the last thing that you would want someone to see is a private part of your body.

What you should wear: It is highly advisable that you should wear a fitted cropped or full-length leggings as you will be fully covered and the material will help in absorbing your sweat.

  • Cotton Underwear – Cotton can be comfortable to wear however, this fabric can get heavy when it gets wet and it doesn’t dry quickly.

What you should wear:  Wear some moisture-wicking briefs or underwear that will leave you feeling cool and comfortable.

  • Thin or Light-Colored Pants – Make sure that before you hit your Yoga class you were able to check your pants if it’s already thinning. Also, you have to avoid light-colored pants as these tend to be see-through. These kinds of pants can be distracting to your yoga colleagues.

What you should wear:  Wear something dark like black, brown or navy blue pair of pants or Capri’s that is made out of durable materials. Make sure that you splurge on a pair that is made with great quality.

  • T-shirts and Loose Tanks – T-shirts are a no-no because they will just end up falling over your head every time executes a Down Dog. Loose tanks can also be distracting as it can dangle all over you every time you twist.

What you should wear:  Wear a fitted tank that can fit you right and make you feel comfortable even if you are doing all sorts of Yoga poses. Make sure that you try on your Yoga outfits before buying it.

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