How Yoga Can Heal Your Soul

What most of us understand about Yoga is about improving our physical wellbeing. However, we should all be aware that Yoga is more than just having a good physical body; it is a transformative and transcendent art, which targets to aid individuals in their spiritual journey.

How ESPALIER Founder and Creative Director Karen Hsieh Got Her Start

In high school, I finally had the opportunity to pursue my own interests in art. I especially loved the Josef Albers - his compositions explored relationships with color through simple forms and inspired me to be bold with my own color play and minimal with my designs.

MADE IN TAIWAN: Creative Director Karen on Why and Where ESPALIER is Made

Mostly known to the world as a powerhouse in manufacturing electronics (including that iPhone you're holding), the island nation of Taiwan, our Creative Director's birthplace, is also a world leader in the development and manufacturing of performance fabric and athletic wear.

When Passion Meets Profession

“My first collection was produced in New York. I was lucky enough to have found manufacturers willing to work with my small orders. However, the craftsmanship was not up to my standards. What were some of the issues? The manufacturers here didn’t have access to certain advanced technologies “

“Machine operators are a huge part...

ESPALIER: What does it mean? And what does it have to do with Designer Athletic Apparel?

Some of you might be wondering why a brand of designer athletic apparel was named ‘ESPALIER’

ESPALIER is the ancient horticultural art of transforming plants into desired shapes and forms by using various stretching, pruning, and guiding techniques.

A devoted yoga practitioner, ESPALIER’s founder Karen was inspired by this philosophy that blends discipline, art, and most importantly, growth. Here are her thoughts on why, when it came time to name her line of luxury athletic apparel, ESPALIER was the perfect fit. 

"I started practicing yoga just last...

ESPALIER supports #BeTheKEY Empowerment Fundraising Campaign & Giveaway

Why are you supporting #BeTheKEY?

ESPALIER truly believes that transforming a life will make a difference to the world.  We support in providing equal opportunities that would create great leaders in the future. We stand as an inspiration and hope that in every difficulty there will always be something positive to look forward to.




Why is giving back important to you?

ESPALIER promotes in strengthening communities by making a good impact to other people. By giving back in...