About the Brand

Designer Athletic Apparel

So beautiful that it looks like lingerie, so versatile that it will change your life, ESPALIER athletic apparel is the smart and unconventional sportswear you’ve been missing. 

We named our women's athletic apparel brand ESPALIER because we believe that a woman’s sportswear empowers her. ESPALIER is the art of training plants to grow into a strong and beautiful structure. Plants stretch, grow, and develop their own form much the way people’s minds and bodies do and our athletic apparel endows the wearer with the elegance, comfort, and versatility that motivate them to structure themselves any way that they see fit.

Sportswear impacts our lives much more than we realize. It is an object we own, take care of and live with. It is an adornment and a support for our bodies while we perform various important tasks. It allows us to move freely when performing strengthening and relaxing exercises. We may wear our sportswear under our work clothes so we can slip into the gym whenever the mood strikes or we may often go shopping after we are finished working out and would like our sportswear to layer attractively with our streetwear. Our sportswear has the potential to give our lives smoothness and versatility, leaving room for both a more effective and more zen-like life.

What can you achieve with fewer clothing changes, fashion options that allow for a more spontaneous lifestyle, and sensual, more comfortable athletic apparel?

With this idea in mind, ESPALIER provides chic and high-performing athletic apparel to improve your hectic life. Our ladies sportswear is both comfortable and versatile so you can move effortlessly from one activity to another, and the elegant, sensual details will imbue even the hard-working athletic aspects of your life with luxury.


We have thought of everything, including benefits you didn’t realize you craved:

  • A feminine silhouette
  • Designs that function fashionably as underwear
  • Nylon fabric rather than polyester
  • Fit that hugs the female figure in a comfortable and figure-flattering way
  • Fabric feels good both inside and out
  • Cut allows a full range of movement
  • Bra pads are removable
  • Simple, well-constructed designs are extremely durable
  • Pieces so elegant they work as sportswear, streetwear, and beachwear


We aim to make every woman’s life freer, more rewarding. You already do so much. Let our versatile and fashionable sportswear take unnecessary weight off of your shoulders so you can shape your life the way you want. It is like the art of ESPALIER. What beautiful structure do you want to make?